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Description A beautifully lightweight cobweb felted scarf. This scarf has been hand felted from a rainbow blend of merino wool fibres. It is amazingly soft and drapes beautifully. As the name implies this scarf is made from a very fine layer of woollen fibres creating a very sheer scarf with..
$70.58 $70.58
Description This crocheted shawl is ideal for lly evenings in both the Summer and Winter. It is crocheted in an acrylic yarn of pastel colours including cream, lavender and pink. It features a lacey bottom edge...
$74.58 $74.58
Description All my scarves are handmade by myself from many various high quality yarns. Every scarf I make is totally unique. You will never see another exactly the same. Although delicate in appearance they are very hard wearing due to the cess I create them. This size scarf is very handy ..
$66.25 $66.25
Description I hand knitted this unisex scarf with great quality wool. It is shorn and blended from British sheep and spun into undyed yarn. It is soft to the touch, breathable and so cosy! The colour is a neutral cream, perfect for men and women. I used a detailed and reversible pattern t..
$54.96 $54.96
DescriptionThis unique, striking, Crepe de ne 5 fine silk scarf was soaked in titanium oxalate and then bundled tightly with mixed leaves round a copper pipe and steamed in my trusty aluminium fish kettle. The titanium mordant ensures that the leaves print with the yellow hue and are wash- and ligh..
$59.18 $59.18
Description This hand crocheted shawl is perfect for those lly winter or summer evenings. It is fully washable...
$62.46 $62.46
Description This hand crocheted shawl is perfect for those lly winter or summer evenings. It is fully washable...
$73.82 $73.82
Description This pretty scarf has been made using a nuno felting cess. Fine layers of white merino wool fibres have been nuno felted to a silk chiffon base fabric. Along one side a double slightly ruffled edge has been added, one layer being a solid green colour and the other being a blend ..
$75.69 $75.69
Description This scarf has been hand felted using natural white merino wool fibres. Silk threads in two shades of blue have been randomly scattered over the surface of the scarf on both sides prior to felting to create a decorative effect. The felting cess causes the silk fibres to become t..
$79.99 $79.99
Description This gorgeous wool scarf has been hand felted using various colours of soft merino wool fibres over a white merino wool base. Going from purple to green to blue, the surface on both sides has been embellished with various wool and silk fibres. The edges of the scarf have not been..
$64.88 $64.88
Description Hand felted using several fine layers of natural grey and natural white merino wool, this long scarf is super soft and lightweight. A layer of multicoloured silk fibres has been added to both sides of the scarf prior to felting which gives it a lovely subtle, multicoloured patter..
$75.69 $75.69
Description Fine layers of natural grey (undyed) merino wool fibres have been nuno felted onto a silk chiffon base fabric to create this scarf. Nuno felting is a cess that causes the wool fibres to migrate through the silk and bind with it. A bright red poppy design has been added to one si..
$66.25 $66.25
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